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Health and Wellness has never been more top of mind globally than it is right now. It’s important role in our lives has been brought to the forefront, and many people have an increased awareness and gratefulness for it.

At Pharmaris Canada, our goal is to bring Canadians meaningful, effective, high quality health care products that will help you improve your health and overall well-being. When you feel good, it positively impacts not only you, but also everyone around you. This can have a powerful long-term “ripple” effect.

Our mantra is “Passion for Life.” When you’re bringing specialty products to people to help them and their family live better and healthier lives, it’s easy to be passionate about it!

We hope you love our products as much as we love bringing them to you.

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Prevention & Wellness
Solutions for You

Safe+ Carbonyl Iron

Liquid carbonyl iron for children to help prevent iron deficiency and its anemia.

Carbonyl iron is a highly pure form of iron consisting of 98-100% elemental iron in microparticles aiding in efficacy and tolerability.

Nutrazul Effervescent Vitamins

An easy, tasty and healthy way to take vitamins. The Europeans and South Americans have known the secret for decades, now it’s time for Canadians to find out too! Effervescent vitamins have major benefits to your health and well-being which include:

HemeBOOST Heme Iron

When your iron levels are low you need help, and the last thing you need is a stomachache along with your low energy. Heme iron is a naturally sourced (not a chemical creation) which is what allows it to help increase your iron levels while being easy to take, there aren’t the residual molecules bouncing around in your gut during absorption to cause irritation. HemeBOOST has a similar effect to increasing your dietary iron, no restrictions on when you take them or with what. Easy right?

Mother’s Choice Natural Solutions for Flu

When your children is sick, nothing matters to you more than helping them feel better. That’s why Pharmaris Canada is bringing you these all natural, easy to take homeopathic solutions for your child’s illness.

All Natural solution for flu like symptoms in adults to help reduce the duration of flu like symptoms.