Nutrazul Immune+ Effervescent Tablets- Passion Fruit (Pack of 3 X 20)


About this item

  • Helps to maintain immune function
  • Great tasting Passion Fruit Flavour, 150mg Vitamin C,18mg Vitamin E &10mg Zinc per effervescent tablet
  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Lactose Free & Preservative Free
  • For 4-8 years: 1 tablet per day. For 9-13 years:1 tablet, 1-2 times per day. For 14-18 years: 1 tablet, 2-3 times per day. For adults: 1 tablet, 2 – 5 times per day. Dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water and drink
  • Manufactured in Germany


  • 60 Days Supply
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free & Preservative Free
  • Maintains Immune Function

Additional information

Weight 0.430 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 11.1 × 5.9 cm

Antioxidant properties for good health. Helps support immune function, energy metabolism, DNA synthesis and cell growth. Helps body absorb non heme iron and maintain energy and concentration. Helps wound healing, assists in connective tissue and collagen formation and the maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.

Travel Comrade

Nutrazul hydration tablets are convenient to use anytime – when at home, school, training, work or traveling.


Great tasting Passion fruit flavour for good health and immune support.

Dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water and drink.

Tip: Do not use with carbonated water.